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It always starts with reading…writers don’t just pop-up they develop. After reading hundreds of books, it occurs to you that you have ideas, stories, unusual dreams, strange memories and all of them just start to spring forward. You start to write short stories, articles, journals, or school plays…but soon…there is a book.

I had written for years. Writing for business and on the side, I wrote mysteries. I adore cozy mysteries. Year after year I wrote, but never did anything about getting them published. Time was not my friend. I was care-giving for my mother and now giving care to my husband with Alzheimer’s. I wanted to get my books published – but no time.

One day, I decided to take action. I yelled for HELP. I had gained a wonderful community of friends on twitter and I asked them if anyone had written a book and wanted to work on getting it published? I was pleased to find all sorts of return tweets in my mention box the next day. So our journey began.

A group of writers that had already written books were looking to publish online. Calling it Indie Publishing…we all started to read and find out how to make our way through the process. Our books were all in varied stages; some needed rewrites, some editing, then cover designs and preparation for placement on Amazon and other online retailers. Marketing was a big deal for all of us…so together we began the hike.

I am very pleased to say that we meet each Saturday in a chat session and encourage our weekly goals and share information. It has given all of us the courage to publish and ask others to view and buy our books. It has allowed us to see that we could do it as a group and get our cherished books in print. Together we rule and give each member courage and an extra hand with the time consuming tasks of Indie Publishing.

All of the authors, in our group, write different genres.We celebrate our differences and try to keep each other on mission. Our mission…to take steps each week to get our books out the door and into the hands of our readers. Even though we are all busy people with families, jobs and community services…now we add writers!

@WritersThatChat have a sole purpose to encourage and promote our writing. We are thrilled to all be in the business of writing and in the business of friends helping friends. Each time one of us finishes a book, we all rejoice in the accomplishment and begin to get busy to support and help in marketing the new eBook so more readers can enjoy a good read.

If you are interested in joining us…find me on twitter @mysterycozy

Thank you for your support of our work…francy


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