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love booksWatching and listening to a writer put a book together is just such a fun adventure. Yes, they write…Writers, Write!  But it’s when they hit “The End” that the fun begins…Editing. You think editing is just checking spelling and hitting the grammar button…but you are wrong. So Wrong!

It’s finding people to edit for you…because your own eyes just do not catch the movement of words on the page like a new reader. It’s allowing someone to tell you that a character, or an event in the book is just not hitting the editor’s reading zone…maybe it’s too busy or too long. Yet allowing your own created baby to be critiqued is really a hard thing to do. You love your own new baby book, you have put your heart into it and now…its being tossed around like a beach ball as one edit-reader reports in to you – after another.. Hurtful? Yes, very hard to hear…but yes, very important to the story and the book as a whole. Then with these suggestions the hours and hours of re-reading and editing begin…how many hours? Almost as many as the original write,  now think on that the next time you pick up a book to give it a general glance. That book has so much time and care put into it. It’s an amazing thought to me…that is why I always like to read about the author…to see what kind of a person would gift me with their time so openly.

Deciding when to turn it over to a professional editor. Just as you have listened and worked through issue after issue in your editing stage…you are going to “hire” a professional person to pull you down into the ibis? Can you ever really recover from someone of “note” telling you how many mistakes you have made? Yes, yes you can recover and your book will be bright, shiny, new and ready for the readers to enjoy and review. You are a strong person to sit quietly alone in a room and create and now you are a stronger person to take that creation and mold it into a piece of art to share with readers. They deserve the best and your time receiving information and correcting will be your gift to them.

How about those reviews? Are reviews really important…I mean we all love to read and have busy lives…why bother taking five minutes to re-connect to the website and write a review? Because as readers, its good for us to express our opinions in a kind and constructive way. Our own words will help other readers who have very limited time to read so they can see if the subject matter and story theme is something that they would relate to and enjoy…instead of buying a book and only reading two chapters and getting bored. You as a reader are doing a review service…not to exalt or deflate a writer…but to express your pleasure of a good read and with kindness – and always suggest the book to others.

My life has been filled with books…and each new cover draws me in…when I read a printed book…its the smell of the new paper that excites me. When I download a new title on Kindle its the allure of the cover and the enjoyment of reading more of a favored series. To recapture that moment of “falling into the book”. That’s what I adore about reading; the escape from the world around me. Money worries, family, work, health issues, world news…it all melts away when I am reading. For an hour or more. I am in a cozy chair, with wine or tea and totally immersed in a story and a lifetime of others. I love it!

My time with our support group called  WritersThatChat  –  has taught me the ups and downs of authors. Their hours of ideas and story development, their worry over details, their time with editing and marketing. Their constant self examination and willingness to debate and chat about alternatives. I respect them and their gift of talent and time. I hope to grow up and be just like them one day.

If you love to read…here are some fun books by our authors. I know you will enjoy these and others they have for you. If you would be so kind to give them all reviews. As life long readers…its our duty to thank the authors for hundreds of hours of their creativity and encourage them to keep going…to WRITE FOREVER !  (notes from francy)


Robyn M Ryan

Robyn is still in editing and this book will be out soon…we are all excited for her…check out her fun blog–Sports & Romance genre


Kitty Kirwin second book Haunted Bedtime Stories

Kitty Kirwin, adores writing about Horror she has a selection of books for you.



Cherry Woods Lane Pals, is an interactive Children’s Book Blog, perfect for parents, grandparents and home schooling, by Diana Lund


Rachelle Book

Rachelle writes with her husband John and enjoys Fantasy Genre


Michele is a supporter of safe homes, love and long life of anipals everywhere come join her Blog Hop Thursday !


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Your Invited: Twitter Launch Party called #BookChat

#BookChat is a Party on Twitter Join Us!

WritersThatChat are pleased to present a Twitter Party called #BookChat
We are so happy to invite you to join us on Twitter use hashtag
Saturday, October 29th — from 5PM – 7PM EST
It’s a Book Launch party for our authors!
Every 15 minutes we will be giving away a FREE book to one of the attendees
The Authors will be at the party and they will all be interviewed
You can ask them questions and learn about their work
We want YOU to be a part of the chat party!
Our Authors write all different genres and offer you a wonderful
array of books to read and enjoy
We will add wine and a few nibbles, good music and a bit of fun chat
We invite you and welcome you to our 1st Book launch party
Have you ever gone to a party on Twitter before?

Wine and nibbles will be served via Twitter

Here is how to Party at #BookChat
In Twitter or Twitter client like a “Tweetdeck” type of program
find the ‘Search’ field and put in #BookChat
That will open up a listing of the attendees at the #BookChat session
You can read the chat, enter your messages to the chat,
look at the pictures, enjoy the book drawing and enjoy the party as it
rolls on down the screen…
Every 15 minutes…a FREE e-Book will be giving away
To one of the attendees
It’s all FREE and a Fun event for you to enjoy
If you would like to chat up one of the authors just remember to include #Bookchat
in your tweet so it pops up on the page and all attending can read it.
You can send a tweet to a special author by using their @authorsname,
your own message and add #BookChat to it….
@Kittycorgi How did you come up with the idea of writing a book of short stories? #BookChat
It’s a fun way to meet authors and others that enjoy reading…PLUS
Those FREE books are a great way to enjoy good reading all through your Fall

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You Gotta Keep UP!

New Internet tips to keep busy writer’s organized and Interview of Robyn M Ryan  by fran

Robyn M Ryan, sports romance author interview

Meet Robyn M Ryan, new author interview w francy

writers that chat, organize free programs

Get Organized with WritersThatChat

There are a few new tips and tricks out there that are helping me so much that I wanted to share them with you. NO, I am not a nerd; far from it. But I have never let my computer or Internet scare me away from new ideas that make life easier for me.

I took some time to chat with Robyn M Ryan, author of sports romance series…she’s a pip. We had a great chat…click the mic and take a listen up…behind the scenes of getting a new book up and published as an eBook. Robyn writes in the sport romance genre and she really has a unique way of expressing her loves of sports…her blog is a great read. You’ll find podcast a fun listen!  >>> Click mic and listen to interview >>>>>>

When I am granted a few minutes or spare hours – I sit down and write. What I don’t want to do is muddle around looking for notes, web page URL’s and story ideas that were written down…where?

OK so I made changes. I was getting bored waiting for Internet Explorer to come up on my screen and it was blocking a few of the web sites that I use. I took a plunge into Chrome, I know it sounds scary to change browsers after so many years of using IE. But the cold water was so well worth the effort. I am now, paddling around in my own ‘faster’ swimming pool, on the net. Chrome comes up fast, goes to pages fast and has so many fun new apps for me to use and cut my muddle time down to almost zero. It automatically uses Google to search and I like the ease of use factor.

Don’t worry, you can bring along all your Bookmarks (Favorites) – once you download the FREE Chrome program. Now, open it up on screen…then go up to the Toolbox that is located on the upper right hand bar. It looks like a wrench and you click it and go down the form and fill out what you want your browser to do for you. This step will just take a few minutes and you can change things anytime you like. It will make your browser easier than ever and you can even choose a “theme” for the background. I am an artsy girl; so I like themes in the background that look good but are calming as I work. The URL bar is now an automatic Google search bar as well as the bar you enter the address (or URL) of the web page you want to visit. On that same bar; there will also be a STAR and it has your Bookmarks all there and easy to click on.

Organized with WritersThatChat

Short and Simple = Peace of Mind

This is the fun thing…you have more with Chrome; you have what they call Chrome Web Store. Even though it is called a store, most of the Apps are free and you may already use some from your smart phone ( or ‘they’ say cross platform now). But I have spent time on this site and found a few of the apps so helpful. I have one that takes a picture of the webpage I am reviewing and saves it for me to print out. I use my laptop a lot and I print at the end of the day or send the info to my desktop PC to print. There is a link that is so easy; when you are on a link you like and want to save or share it with a friend or in a tweet/FB – you just one click the icon for and it saves the shortened web address for you. NICE.

Writers That Chat use FREE note App

Keep your mind free with Listhings - Chrome App

I have a few Apps and I am hooked. Easier for me to work on the web as I write and easier for my older brain to remember things as I go along. I am often interrupted in my writing…so when I have tools that help me…I want to share. So…here it comes; my new favorite tool. Called Listhings. You simply have to have this tool…or App or software program…or “saver of all things in the universe”. I am not kidding. It has turned my world of post a notes upside down. It puts all of your small bits and pieces of thoughts, web URL’s, quotes, story ideas, names and addresses…all of it on a page that looks like a corkboard and has little post a notes attached. I even do my to do list here. This Listhings then is found on the “NEW TAB” in Chrome. The NewTab is the + that you see on the top of your browser and it will give you a new tab page to go to another website. When you click on your + or new tab page it will bring up a list of favorite sites visited, last sites visited and your Chrome Apps…I click on Listhings and keep it open to refer to, all the time that I am on the web. My corkboard looks as scattered as I do…but, it has the ability to give me different boards…like one for writing; filled with all my notes and web addresses that I need for working. Then I can do a new corkboard and make it for home or family info and so on…so all my scattered thoughts are finally finding a place. Just so you know, even though I trust the Cloud…I take a picture of this page (remember with my handy-dandy app called AwesomeScreenShot ) and I save it as a picture and can print it if anything ever happens to the information online. (I know its a sign of my advanced age that I doubt the Internet Cloud. Thinking that it can lose my information, but I’m a worrier at heart so I take a screen shot once a week to save.)

What this has done for me is give me balance in my online life. My online work is scattered because I work with my writing on a here and there basis – between care giving for my husband with Alzheimer’s. See what I mean? Life can get busy…you may be doing a million things, too…and I wanted to share this with you so you can have less stress.

There is more! I have found a new program that is free and its called DropBox. Now the reason this is important is that it saves your files online…nice and tight in a box that belongs to you only. So you set up the program on all of your computers. Your PC, your different laptops or any other gadget that you can think of…and this program saves the information you want to share with all of your devices. So, I am working on my laptop and have taken pictures, I scan them into my laptop fast on the go. I then go up to my PC in the evening and want to print the pictures…so I go to my DROPBOX and there they are waiting for me to copy into my Picture File on my PC,  or just print. You can use it for pictures, your writing, your business stores all file formats. This is so easy to use and so nice to have on your many computers. Even if you are not savvy about new programs and worry about keeping up on new things…this is the program you want to use. You get it FREE —and  if  you want to actually back up your complete computer information…then there is a charge for larger file storage size. So…this is like a storage unit for your extra things from home, you get a FREE unit and if you want a larger unit you pay a little each month to have your backup safe and sound from computer crashes. NICE: the link above will take you to the site and show you a short ‘how to’

There you go, it’s just a start…I have more and I’m looking around for more ideas to keep all of us on spot and organized so our time is spent writing, reading, and doing fun things…instead of wasting time looking for information and notes that are long-lost–or searching for bookmarks we made two years ago. We simply can never be too busy or afraid to move forward and take the best of the new and make it ours.

I did a podcast and you can listen on demand…its the intro and each week we will add another; author audio interview. Just click on the mic to take you to the page

Our “Writers That Chat” writers are busy…you just have to go and visit the two new writer bio pages for yourself. It is such a kick to learn more about those bright ladies who are behind the scenes writing our favorite books and stories. Click on the books below for the author pages…you will enjoy the info and their books…Thanks!

Kitty Kirwin second book Haunted Bedtime Stories

Kitty Kirwin, writing her second book

Rachelle Reese

Rachelle Reese, author of "Dime Store Novel" Series


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Why “La Grande Boucle” is the World’s Greatest Sporting Event (via Chicks Dig Sports & Romance)

So pleased with your great piece on La Grande Boucle…it was a fun read…thanks, francy

Why "La Grande Boucle" is the World's Greatest Sporting Event July 2, 2011, marks the beginning of the athletic endurance competition like none other. From July 2 through July 24, 198 cyclists representing 22 teams will cover 2,131 miles, riding counterclockwise through France, at a pace most of us would have difficulty covering in a car. The Tour de France IS July in our home. It has become a tradition… it has become a … Read More

via Chicks Dig Sports & Romance

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Famous Writers are Born Every Day

Writing is a lonely way to live your life, but if you are driven to express yourself with words…it’s your life. Finding that my own writing was going along quite well but my editing, public relations and knowledge of publishing was lacking was becoming apparent as I slowed down after my book was finished. I was so busy in my life, that my writing was always the last in line..I was ready to make a change.

writers that chat

We don't write alone

I enjoy sharing information with other authors through Twitter and so I asked if there were any other authors that wanted to join me in a support group. I was amazed at the quality of talent that walked into the chat room on our first meeting.

We met, we worked well together and now we have a group that supports each member and we all look forward to our weekly gatherings. Step by step we are learning more and more about Independent E-book publishing and a wide variety of media options. Its been a fun ride and we are so pleased to now share our work with you.

The key to our success is that we each have interesting talents and knowledge that we share with the group. Each week we review our weekly goals and together we are moving ahead and one by one our books are being published. It is so exciting to see the success of these talented writers. Each time you visit our site you will be greeted by another member and be able to share a sample of their writing in a featured blog. You’re going to really enjoy meeting and getting to know these super women. All of them are carving out time for their writing in-between rich and busy lives. Wait till you read their bio’s …they truly are Super Women…and I am very proud of them all.

Alone they have created and written books that are filled with hours of enjoyable reading. Each of the authors come to you from different parts of our world. Our authors start over in Great Britain, then cross the sea to the United States where we pick up a few more and then far off to Australia where we top our membership off. Together we are able to learn how to spread the news and share our books with you, our readers. Each of the members have different genres and different ideas of marketing so its really enjoyable to learn knew ideas and push new boundaries with our work. It’s a kick to think that all the miles that keep us away from each other as we work, disappear as we meet online and enjoy our friendship and business partnerships with each other and now…with you.

We all welcome you and hope you will Click the RSS button and be notified each time one of our writers spends some time doing a fun piece for this site. Please let your pals on Twitter and Facebook know about us so we can share our work with readers all over the world. Oh, and you must leave us a comment so we know what you like and what your favorite genre is…that way we know how to write on subjects you enjoy. Until we meet again…thanks for stopping by. francy

writers that chat

Sharing our ideas and marketing tips


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